Payday Loans | Myths
No nonsense answers and information about pay loans.


Payday loans trap borrowers in a never-ending “cycle of debt”.
Payday lenders take advantage of poor people and minorities.
Payday lenders loan money to people who cannot afford to pay it back.
Payday lenders hide fees and mislead consumers.
Payday Loans are extremely expensive and have exhorbitant interest rates.
Anti-payday lending activists have consumers’ best interest in mind.
Consumers win if payday lenders are regulated out of business.

A payday loan is a useful, no-hassel way to get cash to cover unexpected, everyday expenses.
Payday Loans provide needed cash for:
Minor home repair from storm damage, broken pipes, busted water heater, broken down appliances and everyday home owner expenses!
Payday Loans help to pay expenses for:
Late, over due cell phone or Internet bills, unexpected electronic expenses such as computer repair or computer monitor replacement.
Note: Cash Advances are not intended to meet long-term financial needs, but only a short-term need. Consumers should seek credit counseling for credit difficulties