Payday Loans | Myth #2
Payday lenders take advantage of poor people and minorities.

Actually, payday advance customers represent the heart of America’s middle class. They are typical hard working adults who may not have savings or disposable income to use as a safety net when unexpected expenses occur.

Here are the facts *

• The majority of payday advance customers earn between $25,000 and $50,000 annually;

• Sixty-eight percent are under 45 years old; only 4 percent are over 65, compared to 20 percent of the population;

• Ninety-four percent have a high school diploma or better, with 56 percent having some college or a degree;

• Forty-two percent own their own homes;

• The majority are married and 64 percent have children in the household; and,

• One hundred percent have steady incomes and active checking accounts, both of which are required to receive a payday advance.

*Source: The Credit Research Center, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, Gregory Elliehausen and Edward C. Lawrence. Payday Advance Credit in America: An Analysis of Customer Demand. April 2001.

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